When choosing sling size, there are a few things to keep in mind: preferred bindings that use different amounts of material, the situations we intend to wear, the size of the parent and child, and that the slings should be washed before the first use, which can shrink the fabric from 3 to 9% depending on the type of yarn composition and other parameters.

The sizes of our woven slings:

size 3 with a length of 3.2 m

size 4 with a length of 3.6 m – size 3 and 4 scarves is ideal for carrying children in  kangaroo carry, hip kangaroo carry and simple ruck carry

size 5 with a length of 4.2 m – a perfect basic sling for for petit and short person

size 6 with a length of 4.6 m – basic sling for parents with a standard size of 42/44

size 7 with a length of 5.2 m – basic sling for tall people over 180 and people over size 44

Ring slings come in one universal size – 2.0 m.